Lorca Castle

Murcia Today wrote an article about Lorca Castle.
They let us know that you can visit Lorca Castle every day of the week this autumn. From 10.30 untill 19.30 every day.
This is a great and impressive place to visit.

There are guided tours in English on Thursdays. You can find the ticket prices here. You can book a tour which includes a visit to the 15th century synagogue and walk to the top of The Torre Alfonsina.

Lorca Today over Lorca Castle: “A visit to Lorca castle is a great day out for families or those with an interest in history, its spacious grounds hosting several interesting displays which focus on Mediaeval Murcia and the many cultures which shaped the Region throughout its long history.
Nicknamed the Fortaleza del Sol (the fortress of the sun), the castle was never taken by force at any point, although for many years it was situated in a strategically important location on the frontier between the Christian kingdoms of Castilla and Murcia and the Moorish kingdom of Granada, a situation which arose after the Reconquista of Murcia in the 1240s and lasted until the Moors were expelled from Granada in 1492.”

Read more about this on their website here.


The photos are from the website Murcia Today.