About us

Welcome to the “The Art of Living in Spain” Real Estate Agency. Our company has been established for more than 10 years, and our name is synonymous with our philosophy. We are small but we try to find, especialy for you,  the best opportunities possible. From the perfect holiday home or substantial residential villa, to small or large investment opportunities, we are here to help.

“The Art of Living in Spain” together with “La Gardenia Service & Travel” and “Trends Interior Design”, aim to help and give assistance to those ones who dream about having a property in Spain, since the moment they decide for a property till it is ready to be enjoyed, going through all the process, from completion, redecoration, interior design, maintenance,  ect. 

“La Gardenia Service & Travel” is a results-orientated home maintenance company. We stand by our foundation of providing our customers with the results that consistently deliver the highest degree of quality. From cleaning and preventative maintenance programs to building maintenance management, La Gardenia Service & Travel can provide these services at a highly competitive cost, while exceeding your expectations. We are proud of our reputation and know that you will notice the difference in the services we provide because we are the company that mind our clients.

“Trends Interior Design” understands that everyone sees and thinks things differently… colours, styles, values, service… we are all unique. So we think that the key aspect of helping you with the decoration of your home abroad, is understanding what’s important to you. We have many years experience designing, refurbishing and furnishing properties abroad, from the smallest studio apartment to the grandest villa; and we know that success is down to a clear understanding of your needs and clear communication. So we treat each requirement as a project. It has a start, a middle and an end with a list of activities that need to take place along the way, ensuring that everyone knows the plan, with the main aim to ensure that the experience of furnishing your home is hassle free, reflects your needs, your style and your budget.

Although English is the international language for Europeans, we also speak Dutch, German and Spanish.

We never offer, we always inquire, this to secure the end result.